Cooking Fever Hack

Cooking Fever Hack – Gems and Coins Cheats

If you enjoy cooking and want to try your hands on some unique dishes then you should start playing Cooking Fever game. It is an engrossing time-management game where you need to work under lot of pressure. Your main objective is to cook and serve delicious food to your customers quickly and make your restaurant the best one in the town for that you may need the help of our Cooking Fever Hack tool.

Cooking Fever Hack

Listed below are some vital tips of the game, which you should know if you want to make your game all the more engrossing:

  • Ensure that the food is always prepared on time and is ready to go! In the beginning, it will be easy as there will be lesser slots to manage. However, as you progress, there will be lots of things to do simultaneously. So, manage your time well!
  • Upgrade on items that will reduce the preparation or cooking time. Some of them are Hot Dog Grilling Pan, Cola Dispenser, etc. As they will reduce the time, you will be able to manage several customers easily.
  • If you are unable to manage several customers at the same time, then do not pick the tip that they have left for you on the table. When the tip is still on the table, new customers cannot sit there. This will give you some extra time to cook meals quickly.
  • Good amount of interior upgrades will ensure that you get good tips and will also increase the serving time.

Listed below are some important aspects of the game:

In-Game Currencies:

Coins and Gems are the two main currencies of the game. You will require these currencies in huge amounts as they are used for buying several items like restaurant slots, upgrades, etc.


Coins are the main currency of the game that can be used for purchasing restaurants, upgrades for kitchen, competing in the game challenges and tournaments.

How To Earn Coins?

  • Coins can be purchased by spending real world money. At some occasions, you can buy them at a discounted price.
  • You can earn them by serving customers in restaurants.
  • Coins can be generated with Cooking Fever Hack
  • Complete various achievements and earn Coins.
  • By gaining a new Experience Level, you can acquire Coins.
  • You can play in the Casino and earn it.
  • Complete a Cooking Fever Challenge and earn Coins as rewards.
  • You can earn Coins as Daily Rewards by signing in to the game every single day. For instance, by signing in the game on Day 2, you can earn 400 Coins and on Day 3, you can earn 500 Coins.


Gems are the special currency of the game that is used for buying premium restaurants and upgrades for your kitchen and interiors. That’s why people praise our Cooking Fever Hack as it can generate it easily!

How To Acquire Gems?

  • Gems can be bought by spending real money.
  • It can also be earned by gaining a new Experience Level.
  • Complete a particular Cooking Fever Challenge and earn Gems as rewards.
  • When you compete and are placed in the top ten of a Tournament then you can earn Gems.
  • Placing 500 Coins as bets in a Casino game can make you earn 15 Gems.
  • If you login to the game consecutively for 7 days or more, then you earn small amount of Gems as Daily Rewards.
  • Gems can be generated with our Cooking Fever Hack.


Achievements are game wide goals, and are different than tasks that are goals to be completed within a specific restaurant. When you complete an Achievement in the game, you can earn Coins and Experience Points as rewards. To view the innumerable Achievements available in the game, you need to click on the trophy icon that is at the bottom right side of the screen. As soon as an achievement is completed, you will be notified. A banner will appear at the top of the play screen, which can be clicked in order to collect rewards that you have earned by completing the achievement. Some of the achievements available in the game are Perfect Restaurant, Taking No Breaks, Wake and Bake, Happy Customers, etc. If you want to get more achievements faster then feel free to use our Cooking Fever hack.

Experience Points:

As you keep playing the game, you will earn Experience Points. You can check the amount of XP you require for advancing to the next level by checking the top right corner of the screen that has the Experience Level bar. Experience Points can be gained by upgrading kitchen and interior items, serving customers in restaurants, completing Achievements, completing restaurant tasks, etc. Until you acquire a certain XP Level, you cannot reach new levels of the game and neither will all restaurants be available for you.


The main playing space of the game is Restaurants. You can unlock new restaurant slots by earning a specific Experience Level. You can even make use of in-game currencies (which you can generate with Cooking Fever Hack) for unlocking new restaurants. Some common restaurant slots that you will come across in the City are mentioned below:

  • Fast Food Court: This space is already unlocked in the beginning of the game. You will be able to cook and serve French Fries, Hamburgers, Colas, etc. to waiting customers. You can upgrade the kitchen equipment available in Fast Food Court to increase the cooking and refilling time. You can even enhance the amount of portions that can be prepared at one time by upgrading kitchen items. When you upgrade the interiors, you will be increasing the customer’s wait time, tip time, and tip amount. There is an option to buy the most expensive upgrade, which is an extra customer. The interior upgrades take one minute to 4 hours for upgrading.
  • Bakery: The Bakery is unlocked when you achieve Experience Level 4. It costs 5000 Coins and 10 Gems to unlock the Bakery. In this slot, you can bake and serve delicious cakes, milkshakes, etc. to your customers. Some of the kitchen upgrades that you can consider opting for are Espresso Machine, Milkshake Mixer, Oven, Chocolate Cream, Cup Cakes, etc. You can beautify your interiors by adding a couch, paintings, TV, Speakers, etc. in the space.
  • Sports Bar: The Sports Bar is unlocked at reaching Experience Level 4. It costs 5000 Coins and 10 Gems to unlock the Sports Bar. You can cook and serve almond drinks, sausages, etc. to your customers. Some of the upgrades that you can consider having here are Sausage Pan, Olives, Mushrooms, Almond Drink Mixer, etc.
  • Indian Diner: The Indian Diner can be unlocked on Experience Level 18. It costs 15,000 Coins and 30 Gems to unlock the Indian Diner. You can cook and serve uttapams, sambar, masala chai, etc. to your customers. Some of the kitchen upgrades that can be done for this slot are Pressure Cooker, Curry Leaves, Kulfi, etc.
  • Breakfast Café: The Breakfast Café is unlocked by acquiring Experience Level 21. It costs 10,000 Coins and 20 Gems to unlock it. You can cook and serve eggs, sausages, black pudding, etc. to your customers. The most important kitchen upgrades will include Beans, Biscuit Oven, Omelet Pan, Black Pudding Pan, etc.

Other than these, there are many more restaurant slots that you can unlock. As you progress in the game, you can even unlock several slots in Paradise Island and Alpine Resort. Overall, there is a lot to do in the game and with our Cooking Fever Cheats it’s even more better. The Cooking Fever game has acquired 4.5 Stars out of 5 on the rating chart. So, get ready for having an enjoyable time while cooking your favorite dishes and serving them to the customers.


Cooking Fever Hack